PuTTY is an open source software that is available with source code and is developed and supported by a group of volunteers.

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What is PuTTY?

Putty application is used for network file data transfer, a free, open-source data transfer terminal emulator, and a serial console for Microsoft Windows.

Putty is a support system for multiple network protocols for establishing a protective connection for transferring sensitive information from various users to numerous locations.

A putty is a valuable tool for worldwide developers. Simon Tatham created it in C language. The network client of Putty version 2023 is also available on Apple Macs, Linux computers, and laptops.

It consists of the command-line interface from which a client or a user can customize per their requirements. Users can easily download it on Mac devices with cross-platform software.

Characteristics of PuTTY

Putty supports many alternatives for a secure remote terminal. It also provides control over the SSH encryption key and protocol version. The other ciphers are AES, 3DES, RC4, Blowfish, DES, and Public key authentication. Putty can easily customize as soon as you download it on your Microsoft Windows or Mac. You can make a change in appearance and controls. Putty offers CLI giving for controlling the advanced functions.

It haves own arrangement of key files named PPK( protected by Message Authentication Code). It supports SSO straight through GSSAPI along with GSSAPI DLLs provided by users. Putty can emulate control sequences from xterm, VT220, VT102, or ECMA-48 Terminal emulators.

Putty has command-line SCP and SFTP clients named "pscp" and "psftp." This software application also offers multiple types of settings that give a better controlling function over it. There are various options for Terminal settings, assigning tasks to unique keys with control proxy usage as per requirements. There are options for maintaining terminal bells and for modifying advanced features.

It also offers terminal emulation. You can efficiently run another operating system on your device. A user can also host another OS because of the terminal emulator. Otherwise, one would be unable to access it due to platform constraints. PuTTy software helps to run Android, Unix, and iOS applications on your Windows PC. When you download this application, it uses cryptography ciphers to ensure that the data is protected from the hands of hackers. As it is open-source software that transfers data from a wide range of protocols, it provides that the sharing is secure and protected from interruption. A user can generate a private or public key while transmitting sensitive data. This software supports the use of authenticator keys.

Uses Of PuTTY

Putty is the best tool for developers, engineers, and many software users as they need to connect over multiple remote systems. Microsoft doesn't provide such tools, but with this software, a user can quickly transfer data to various locations, which allows connecting switches, routers, servers, and mainframes that are SSH and serial clients.

This software can also be helpful for text-only sessions. PSCP, PSFTP, and Telnet are different clients for protecting the data.

Operating System That Supports Putty

Windows 95,98, Windows Me, windows 2000,2003,2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OSX are the operating system that supports PuTTy. PSCP(SCP client), PSFTP(SFTP client), PuTTYtel(Telnet-only client), Plink(SSH Tunneling), Pageant(SSH authentication agent), PuTTYgen(RSA, DSA, ECDSA, EdDSA key generation utility are the several components of PuTTY.

  • Windows95,98

  • Windows Me, NT

  • Windows 2000,2003,2008

  • Windows XP

  • Windows Vista, Mac OSX

Features of PuTTY

Putty supports many alternatives for a secure remote terminal. It also provides control over the SSH encryption key and protocol version.


Provides user control over the SSH encryption key and protocol version


It ciphers such as AES, 3DES, RC4, Blowfish, DES, and Public-key authentication.


It can also be used with local serial port connections.


PuTTY supports SSO through GSSAPI, including user provided GSSAPI DLLs.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In simple terms, putty is used by the user to access an account of the multi-user system from one PC running Microsoft Windows. It is a free, open-source software emulator.

Putty is a Telnet, rlogin, and SSH client that helps connect the serial port. Simon Tatham developed it for Microsoft Windows in C Language.

Putty helps the client or users to get logged in to another computer that shares the same network and can access the internet. To protect all the remote connections over the internet, you can amalgamate them with SSH, which consists of encryption and authentication keys that can keep it secure and protected.

Putty supports Public key authentication, DES, Free SSH client, and raw socket connection. Putty is a terminal program for Microsoft Windows.

Putty and FTP clients are different because of their other protocols and different TCP port. Putty is an SSH client, not an FTP client.

Support and Active Directory single sign-on are the features of Putty. Kerberos protocol, along with a programming interface named GSSAPI, is also used by Putty in technical terms. GSSAPI authentication is the mechanism in SSH protocol.

Putty is a world-famous SCP, SSH, TELNET, and rlogin client for Windows.SSH protocol is used for remote access to servers over computers.

Putty is an application for network file transfer, a free, open-source software emulator, and a system console. SCP, SSH, TELNET, rlogin, and raw socket connection are the network protocols of PuTTy.

Putty supports SSH, which is a different protocol from SSL. Hence it doesn't support SSL. It is impossible to 'type' SSL packets on a console.

Putty is a free, open-source software lacking malicious content and is safe and secure to download and use. It follows all the security protocols and has cryptography ciphers for data security integrity.